Customer Testimonials: “The TurnKey Investor’s Rental Property Repossession”

These are a few customer testimonials of “The TurnKey Investor’s Rental Property Repossession”:


I had dinner with Matthew last week and one of the issues we spoke about was the overwhelming dread that typical landlords have with the eviction process.

In this book Matthew attacks head on some of the main things that people hate about owning rental property. The long-slow-process that often begins with a late payment or two, a bounced check from a tenant, can run MONTHS and cost landlords thousands in regular rental payments, legal fees, etc.

If you could hyper-drive through much of the time of that process and get your deadbeat tenants out asap, wouldn’t you want to know how? Buy this book and read how Matthew deals with shrinking this ache-ingly long process into a rather short one that is as painless as it can be (of course changing tenants will never be totall painless).

All in all, this is another good book, wonderful reference of something all landlords can use to make their lives a little easier.

John Helms


I was quite surprised when i picked up this course. I, like many other people thought the only way to get possession of a property back was to file for a eviction. Man was I wrong with that train of thought. Matthew Chan shows us how to legally get possession of a property back without filing for eviction. Also to top it off my course came with the actual document used to make this happen. Matthew just doesn’t preach on this course, but give real world examples of times where he has successful used this technique. I can honestly say that if you are a landlord or property manager who is opened minded then this will be a great buy for you. Matthew Chan shows us that sometimes we just need to be a little creative and take different approaches for different things. A great buy and priced very fair. I give this a 10/10.

Josh Houghton