Matthew Chan & Wes Weaver are the principals of a privately-held management firms based in the Columbus, Georgia (GA) area. They have been in business for nearly 15 years.

Shortly after Matthew’s move into Columbus, Matthew and Wes began a friendship that eventually led them to forge an alliance to buy, invest, and manage investment property together.

With focus and determination for several years, Matthew and Wes established themselves as the “#1 Source of Owner-Financed Homes” in the Columbus, Georgia (GA) area. They specialized in selling single-family homes with “owner-financing” with their innovative TurnKey Lease-Options system. They were also the “Most Established ‘Take Over’ Homebuyers” in the Columbus, Georgia (GA) area for several years.

The TurnKey Lease-Options System they implemented is a customized Marketing & Management System they used to great strategic advantage.

Matthew and Wes took a deliberate tag-team approach to their management style. They often carried out a “divide and conquer” strategy but also come together when a “strength in numbers” style is required. Their unorthodox but effective management style allowed them to create a management synergy that few individuals in their local area can match.

Wes Weaver is one of the few in Columbus, GA who is both an active real estate investor and a real estate broker (licensed in the states of GA and AL).

Matthew Chan has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Central Florida and a Masters of Business Administration from Webster University.