Customer Testimonials: “TurnKey Investor’s Deadly Sins of Real Estate Investing”

These are some customer testimonials for  “TurnKey Investor’s Deadly Sins of Real Estate Investing”:


D. Allen (Dallas, TX)

This audio (CD set) is a great tool and motivator for deciding to get into the RE investing game.


A hard hitting, straight to the point audio course

In his audio course Matthew Chan claims that the main reasons many beginning and experienced investors fail is because they make the deadly sins of real estate investing, which every investor needs to avoid. Chan makes the claim that these Sins can destroy an investor’s career and even their portfolio within a matter of time.

Matthew touches on a wide array of “sins” that I haven’t seen addressed in many books or courses. Each chapter is full of information that can benefit any level of investor. It’s funny because instead of someone telling us what to do to be successful. Matthew is telling us what not to do to become successful. That is what makes this program so special. Matthew Chan has basically given everyone a road map to success. One of the main reasons that most investors fail is because they end up performing one or more of the deadly sins. Matthew has told you what they are and how to avoid them. So just make sure to avoid them.

Each chapter is more of a lesson in what NOT TO DO to make sure you have a long and profitable career. This course is no fluff and no garbage and gets straight to the point. Matthew holds nothing back and I have to admit I enjoy his very upfront approach. In a nutshell, this course is a guidebook on what to avoid so that you won’t fall into the same pit as many others. I personally loved this audio course and look forward to a Part 2, if it is ever created. P.S. You may be surprised at what the sins are. I have to admit that I have made a sin or two. At least now I know what they are and how to avoid them.

Josh Houghton


Thank Goodness I Listened Before I Committed Any Sins

I absolutely appreciate authors who give me usable information. But I absolutely love it when their information is delivered in a manner that makes it as clear and emphatic as “The Deadly Sins of Real Estate Investing” did.

Matthew Chan is blunt, brash and pointed. But hey – – he’s talking about “Deadly Sins,” here?

I listened to this audio program over and over, both before, during and after buying my first properties. I actually went through it and typed out a list of “the deadly sins” with a brief synopsis of “what not to do” for each.

And what did I do with my list? I have two copies: One on my refrigerator; and the other is inserted in the cover of my real estate investing binder. I review this “list of iniquities and indiscretions” whenever I’m evaluating properties. It helps me “resist the many temptations” that are out there that might lead me to make a dumb decision, lose money and ruin my burgeoning investment career.

It’s incredible how much tainted advise you can run into, (from other investors and Realtors). What you need is an objective, unbiased source. So far, Matthew Chan has helped me avoid several foolish missteps, saving me from becoming the victim of someone’s self-serving advise and my own blind impetuousness. It is so “tempting” and easy to get sucked into a bad deal when you’re new. Everyone needs to hear these warnings and words of wisdom.

If you want to hear sound advise, this program gives you “the gospel truth.” (Pun intended.)But I warn you . . . there are a couple of words on it that you won’t hear in Sunday School!

Tony Calloway


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