Customer Testimonials: “TurnKey Investor’s Lease-Options Documents Collection”

These are some customer testimonials of “The TurnKey Investor’s Lease-Options Documents Collection”:


The “Lease Option Documents Collection” gave me every contract and form I needed to sell my first property using the lease-option strategy.

It couldn’t be any easier!

First, Matthew Chan provides the forms and contracts. He also provides examples of them accurately completed. And even better still, he provides a disk that gives you an audio explanation of everything. You’re then able to download the documents for your personal editing and contract execution.

If you’ve see the many versions of contracts and forms in numerous books like I have, then you know the nagging questions that make you reluctant to use them. This reference book/CD combination are the absolute best. They virtually take you by the hand, instructing you on how to complete iron-clad contracts that define every aspect of the lease agreement and the subsequent sale under terms of the option agreement.

“So easy, even a caveman can do it.”

What could be better than that?

Matthew Chan’s “Lease-Option Documents Collection” made it so easy that even I could do it!

. . . And I did!

Tony Calloway
Columbus, GA

Full & Complete – Lease Option Doc Collection! Nothing Else Needed!

The Author had done a superb job collating all the documents you may ever need if you ever do (or are doing) Lease Options. Everything from the `Lease and the actual Option paperwork to `Move Out & Abandonment policy’ to the `Property Inspection Document’.

Along with the Documents the Author has included a demo document that has been filled out. This gives you a term of reference and doesn’t leave you hanging (so you don’t have to guess what goes where).

This package also contains a CD with not only the documents (so you can print them off (you won’t have to photocopy them) AND Edit them (add your logo and/or customise the docs to your area), but also an audio focusing on each document. The audio is done by the author and his manager and so they talk about each document from their own viewpoint and their wealth of experience.

Lastly due to the number of houses the Author has bought he has had to go to court to remove non-payers. He uses these documents adn so you know these documents have stood up in a court of law, so rather than doing them yourself (and have the risk of it being deemed not acceptable), if you buy these, in my mind your sleep easy factor will be much better!

This really is a great package. Very impressed with it!

Jack Williams
Sydney, AUS

I will be honest with everyone. When i first got started in real estate i was using plain jane documents and leases. I mainly deal with lease options and selling them on owner fiance. So when i checked his site out and saw a collection of the same documents matthew uses. I knew i had to pick this up. This is a great collection because he takes it a step further. Matthew actually shows you how to fill them out. So many investors just leave you with blank documents. Matthew also includes a audio cd wich explains each document step by step. Within this collection is also the most powerful document one can have. A relase from the lease document that is a must need. Once again another great book by Matthew Chan. THese documents are actually being used by me in my daily real estate activities. While i have edited them and changed them to fit my business. These are great baseline documents that will help any new investor. So if yo deal in lease options, then you have to check this collection of contracts out.

Josh Houghton
Columbus, GA