Customer Testimonials: “TurnKey Investor’s ‘Subject-To’ Mortgage Handbook”

These are some customer testimonials of “TurnKey Investor’s ‘Subject-To’ Mortgage Handbook”:


A comprehensive and definitive resource on “Subject To”

Like Matthew’s other fantastic books, this one hits the nail on the head. ‘The Subject To Mortgage Handbook’ is a comprehensive, well written, step by step guide for anyone interested in learning and perfecting the art of buying homes by taking over mortgage payments.

As someone who buys lots of houses “Subject To”, I found this book extremely helpful and resourceful. It’s evident that Matthew is adept at this form of creative financing, and not just someone who researches a topic and writes about it. Matthew is out there doing deals day in and day out…he writes from experience. There are countless nuances and distinctions in the text…distinctions only a very experienced real estate investor would know.

I highly recommend this book. And don’t forget the companion CD’s…also a must. Thanks again for sharing your wealth and breadth of knowledge, Matthew.

Dean Edelson
Sedona, AZ

A secret weapon for advanced real estate investor – must read

I first learned about “Subject To” Mortgage at a $5,000 four days advanced investor workshop.

“Subject To” is a powerful technique that allows real estate investor to take over an exisiting mortgage without have to qualify for one. This one technique along can quickly help investor acquire many properties for lease-option (an advanced technique for investing in rental for immedately cashflow).

However, the time spent in the seminar is limited and there is no written materail on “Subject To”, until Matthew decided to publish a book to share his experience with the readers on how to do “Subject To”. The Handbook contains a worth of useful infomation. It is easy to understand and applicable in the real world of real estate investing..

Get the book today, it is well worth your time and money!

Robert Yang
San Jose, CA