Muscogee County, GA Bank Garnishment Procedures

These are the procedures to do a Bank Garnishment in Muscogee County, GA as was reported to me.  You should verify these procedures with the Clerk’s office if you plan to execute on this.

Essentially, you can sweep a garnishee’s bank account.  It is a powerful way to collect on unpaid judgments.

First, you have to pay $47.50 to domesticate a judgment if from out of state.  That judgment has to be served.  It gives them the opportunity to contest it.  After a waiting period and if they don’t contest it, you can move to bank garnishments.

To do a multiple bank garnishment, we have to pay $49.50 for the first bank and $3.00 for each additional bank.  In the past, there were only 7 major banks to garnish.  However, we now have 16 banks if you include all the small, community banks that have cropped up in recent years.

One attorney reportedly files for all 16 banks in one shot.  At only $3.00/bank, it is a good value.  Garnishment fees are reimbursable and can be added to the balance.

If you do not get all the monies on the first wave, you simply refile at a future time to sweep the banks again.  Although you have to pay another filing fee to sweep the banks, you can once again tack on that fee to the outstanding balance.  You can do it as many times as you need to, to ultimately collect the balance and all the filing fees.

My opinion is that you can only do this once in a great while since people will be wise to it and may avoid bank accounts altogether.

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