The TurnKey Investor’s Inside Secrets of a Profitable Real Estate Partnership & Alliance: The Secrets of Our Real Estate Business Partnership & Alliance We Don’t Publicly Discuss!



People often say, “Don’t ever get a business partner. You will only have problems.” That is like saying, “Don’t ever get married. You might get divorced.” This limiting advice often comes from inexperienced people who have not successfully partnered or allied with others in business. Some see forming business partnerships and alliances as a weakness. Others see it as a tremendous asset and source of great strength and hidden power.

Every successful real estate business will grow. You can always hire employees. However, even the best employees are not a substitute for a dedicated principal owner in the business. Great business partners care just as much, if not more, about your business as you do.

In this special unscripted and unrehearsed program, Matthew and Wes share the secrets and inner workings of their successful real estate partnership and alliance. They discuss how they met, their first deal, their philosophy, and their tag-team approach to growing and managing their real estate business that most single-owners cannot easily match.

Most importantly, they frankly discuss why and how their business partnership and alliance will still be a great success even if they one day have a business “divorce”.

If you want to learn more about the inner workings of a successful real estate partnership and alliance and discover new ideas and insights, this program is for you.


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ISBN 1-933723-14-9

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