The TurnKey Investor’s Lease-Option Documents Collection: Essential Real Estate Contracts, Agreements, and Forms for Lease-Option Transactions!

Essential Real Estate Contracts, Agreements, and Forms for Lease-Option Transactions!

This one-of-a-kind Manual includes essential baseline documents (blank forms and filled-in samples) for the Lease-Option Investor. These powerful, specially-written documents are the ones actually used and implemented in the field by the Author!

These Lease-Option documents would cost a small fortune in attorney fees if you asked them to create and write them for you from scratch. There are documents within this collection not found anywhere by any other author.

These easy-to-use and customizable documents are designed to give the Landlord maximum protection against even the most difficult Tenants.


This Manual includes:
  • Residential Lease Agreement
  • Appliances Policy
  • Vehicle Policy
  • Pet Policy
  • Move-out & Abandonment Policy
  • Renters Insurance Notice
  • Property Inspection Affidavit
  • Purchase Option Agreement
  • Lease with Purchase Option Receipt
  • Security Deposit Agreement
  • Administrative Fee Agreement
  • Owner-Finance Disclosure Statement
  • Lease-Option Disclosure Statement
  • Release from Lease Request


A CD-ROM with Microsoft Word-compatible files and MP3 Audio Commentary is included with this extremely valuable package. Additionally, one-year of free updates is provided through the publisher.


Spiral-bound Manual & CD-ROM
(60 pages)
ISBN 0-9713947-0-9

$299.00 USA

Special Limited-Time Discount: $99.00 USA

FREE Book Excerpt (Download PDF Here)

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